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    • We will go into detail our methods, processes, timeframes, sample scripting and even give you data to put these methods into practice. 

      - Words of Advice, Straight from the horses mouth - Each month we share multiple articles with you looking at current trends, whats working for us and how we have tailored our offering for our prospecting. These articles will give you insider knowledge from a company that is generating multiple leads for multiple agencies weekly with methods that have been tried and tested. This is not new for us. This is out day to day for almost 15 years. We know the trends, we know whats working and what is not. We offer approximately 5 articles per month. If you implement even half of the suggestions we offer, we know your daily tasks will not only be more efficient, but offer you a higher ROI on each endeavour you undertake.

      - Sample Call Scripting - Whether your calling your existing database or completely cold calls, what actually to be saying is 90% of the battle. Whilst some may find this comes naturally to them, we can help bridge the gaps and perhaps provide a different take from what you may already be doing.

      - Offer Solutions, Not pose more questions - We've done the running around so you don't have to. Time is money, and we've already spent the time to save you money, assist you in the right direction to get you where you want to be faster. The trial and error has already been completed for you. Jump in at the top level and take advantage of our vast lead generation knowledge.

      - Actual Cold Calling Data, In your Target Area - So we give you the tools, now what? Let's put them into practice! Each month we will send you 100 leads from within your target area so you can put all the methods you have picked up into action. Make calls, send emails, do appraisals, sign contracts! Thats the aim of the game here. Lets get it happening for you.