Another day, another online scam. 


Please be aware of emails from INFO@DOMAINREGISTRATIONCORP.COM (or something/anything similar) asking you to pay for a domain renewal. Always check your account (whether it is with us or another company) for your actual domain expiry date. Many people would see this email and just blindly pay it. We have had numerous calls in the last few days about the same scam. 

That's not to say your domain name isn't due for renewal, but you will be well aware if your domain is due for renewal with N.A.D. We send multiple emails along the way that will come from both or

If you are still unsure, any domains managed by N.A.D you can view in your account by logging in anytime. If you cannot remember your password, please follow the "forgot password" prompts to reset.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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